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EnCrypto is a third-party smart contract auditor that delivers verified and trusted blockchain projects to the community. We are anonymous auditors located into different location of the globe sharing and valuing the importance of safe and secure smart contracts.


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What is Smart Contract Audit?

A Smart Contract Audit is a security checking, examination and analization done by third-party cybersecurity auditors to ensure and validate the existing codes presented by blockchain projects to their investors. Mainly, this practice is to eliminate and fix all bugs or security vulnerabilities.

Why Choose EnCrypto?

We offer Revolutionary Auditing for projects, from the website's front-end down to the last single line of code in the Smart Contract given to the Auditing Team. We, EnCrypto, also value investor's insight and comments on the audited projects. And lastly, the EnCrypto Team delivers transparent and unbiased auditing and grading based on what they covered.

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Community's Feedback

EnCrypto Investor Care

Auditors let the Investor's comment and have an insights to the audited Smart Contract project they were supporting. Transparency of Smart Contract is a big deal for both developers and investors so we as a third-party at the game we encourages investors to comment, have an insights and even report any suspecious moves that the developers doing. As we value investor's trust and fund we enable some of the comments to be viewed on the audited project.

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Auditing is one of the key factors why investors must invest into a specific project. It is so much pleasure for us to be part of EnCrypto Team, as one of their auditors we'll do our best to help them establish a trust worthy projects and at the same time exploit rugs in the community.

- EnCrypto Khan

Blockchain and Smart Contract development is difficult one to create, as devs like us must burn so much of time just to manage the whole thing and fullfil investors standards specially on profit making. Well, here at EnCrypto we'll helping you to achive that.

- EnCrypto Tobias

Community reflection on a project is very important as they are the one who's investing on the project. Listening their own perspective is so much helpful specially for projects improvements and developments. Here at EnCrypto we value both developers and investors.

- EnCrypto Park

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