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Audited: Sep 25, 2022

Launch: Sep 30, 2022

EnCrypto Findings

Front-End Design

By checking and manually testing of all buttons functionality and other features of Golden Sea DeFi's website, The EnCrypto Team for Front End Web Design found no malicious and blank contents from it.

Smart Contract

Withdrawal penalty will be added to smart contract's balance, (Unstake Penalty). By final checking and manually code reading of the Golden Sea DeFi's Smart Contract, the EnCrypto Team found no malicious content, backdoors and scams scripts.

Badge Grading








96% - 100%

91% - 95%

86% - 90%

81% - 85%

76% - 80%

66% - 74%

65% Below

Severity Rate Definition

Critical High Medium Low
Vulnerabilities and issues that are very high prone to be exploited that may result to serious asset loss and at worst case technical and personal data manipulation. Vulnerabilities and issues that are dificult to be handled, it allows the smart contract to execute by-passes and public accessability to crutial functions. Vulnerabilities and issues that needs minimal customization and modification of codes in the smart contract that needs to be fixed as soon as possible not to cause any asset loss. Vulnerabilities and issues that may not affect directly to the smart contract but can cause high severity, low functionality and overall execution lags on the smart contract itself.

GoldenSeaDeFi Audit Overview

Critical High Medium Low
No critical issues found No high issues found Unstaking/Emergency Withdrawal may reduce investor's/user's initials fund. Minimum investment, might cause critical severity issue. Low minimum investment may be good to investors/users because it is investment friendly but may flood the transaction on the contract.

Owner Ability Script

No owner ability

User Ability Script

- Stake (BUSD)
- Compound gains (BUSD)
- Stake Referral/Promotion Bonus
- Withdraw gains (BUSD)
- Withdraw initial Investment (BUSD)
- Withdraw Referral/Promotion Bonus

Project Details

Golden Sea DeFi Description

-Golden Sea DeFi is a Staking Yield Farming DApp that promises 2% - 10% Daily ROI for as low as 10 BUSD minimum deposit.
- Daily ROI depends on how long the deposit will sit on the staking pool (Minimum Duration: 1 Day).

Developers Fee

- Dev Fee/Stake (10%)
- Dev Fee/Collection (10%)

Calculated Fees for Unstaking/Withdrawal of Initial Investment depending on duration of Deposit.
- Less than 10 Days (10%)
- Between 10 - 20 Days (8%)
- Between 20 - 30 Days (6%)
- Between 30 - 40 Days (2%)
- Between 50+ Days (2%)

Deposit (BUSD)

- Minimum Deposit 10 BUSD (Website).
- No minimum Deposit indicated on Smart Contract
- Connect Wallet and decide how long you will invest your deposit (Minimum Duration 1 Day, Maximum 100 Days).
- Investment Duration starts at 1 Day up to 100 Days (2% - 10% Daily ROI).
- Daily ROI depends on duration of Deposit
- 1- 20 Days (2% Daily ROI)
- 21 - 30 Days (3% Daily ROI)
- 31 - 40 Days (4% Daily ROI)
- 41 - 50 Days (5% Daily ROI)
- 51+ Days (10% Daily ROI)

Compound and Collect Gains

- Compounding Daily Gains will continuously run the system up to the days interest will go up depending on the duration.
- Once the investors collect the gains, duration of the deposit will reset into its first Daily ROI (2%).

Stake and Collect Referral/Promotion Bonus

- Referral/Promotion Bonus can be added into the staked deposit.
- Referral/Promotion Bonus must be at least 10 BUSD to be added.
- Collected Referral/Promotion Bonus will be directly sent to the investor's/user's wallet.


- Collecting/withdrawal of gains is available everyday.
- Collecting/withdrawal of referral bonus is available everyday.
- Withdrawal of Initial Investment is available everyday.
- Unstaking/Withdrawal of initial investment has its own fees (2% - 10%) depending on deposit duration.

Referral/Promotion System

- Golden Sea DeFi offers a total of 6% of referral fee.
- If a user uses a referral Link he/she will get 3% Bonus
- If a referral link was used by a user, the referrer will get 3% Bonus.

EnCrypto Disclaimer

EnCrypto Team was only able to review the front-end/web design of the project and audit the Smart Contract itself. Team for the front-end/web design review was only able to check it based on its functionality and web aesthetics. On the side of Smart Contract, audits is analyzed, reviewed, and checked based on quality assurance and accordance to the best industrial standard practices of smart contract creation.

Audits does not guarantee any profit and loss but as an Auditors we will do our best to deliver secured projects. We the EnCrypto Team suggests and encourages all investors and users to "DYOR" Do-Your-Own-Research to avoid any scams and capital loss. Any loss and at worst bancrupcy is not our Team's fault.